About Us

Wittybrains provides software consulting in niche areas to customer who are in need of highly skilled talent, with timely and quality deliverables. We have built Center of Excellence teams in various domains like web casting, finance, healthcare, broadcasting, IOT and machine learning. We also provide consulting to companies that need process inclusion or are not able to comply it within their organizations.


The accelerated evolution of healthcare by helping our clients in automating doctor-patient communication, multiple workflows to handle compounded drugs, HIPAA compliant predictive analytics tools, handle health spendings using HSA, HRA & FSA.

Broadcast Media

Working with our clients in providing innovative, cost-effective, and customised IT offerings to simplify content management, multi-platform IP, end-to-end on-demand video programming, workflows to control on-air and channel management.

Financial Services

Experience across industries to help institutions to find out-of-box ways to optimize processes, reduce back office costs, capture the economic benefits of building loyal customers, and plan for evolving competitive and regulatory landscapes.

Digital Consulting

Digital consulting team helps enterprises to leveraging the growing pervasiveness of Cloud Computing, Big Data and Mobile to innovate and drive top-line revenue growth. Help organizations ecosystem to process-centric technologies, design thinking, and deep domain expertise.

Our Services

Digital Analytics

Enterprise Analytics services offerings are a perfect blend of traditional and next-gen business intelligence platforms.

Cloud Services

Enable solutions to be hosted on Premise or in Cloud. We provide cloud services to suite business needs.


Design & develop mobile apps for businesses, retail, hospitality, communication, social networking, games and entertainment.

Testing Services

With our extensive capabilities in performance testing, automated testing, cloud testing and security testing, we provides distinguished QA services and solutions to ensure application performance is consistent with user expectations to meets benchmarked standards.

Application Development and Maintenance Services

Helps organizations with custom applications and effectively manages application portfolio based on needs. We understand the business challenges of our clients to create applications that are aligned to their strategy.

Our Clients

Meet The Team

Pawan Jhurani

Founder & CEO

Abhishek Bhargava